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Barker Storey Matthews has acted successfully for a number of major corporate clients, private property companies, Local Authorities, individuals, financial institutions and pension funds on a whole variety of property matters.

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Property Valuations

As Chartered Surveyors, Barker Storey Matthews adheres to the Appraisal & Valuation Manual of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. This enables us to offer detailed and accurate property valuations that are necessary for a variety of situations:

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Property Acquisition

Property acquisition is an essential aspect of any real estate engagement, whether you're buying your first home or investing for the future. Property valuation is obviously key to acquiring real estate because you must know the value of a property to enable an educated investment or purchasing decision. At Barker Storey Matthews we offer an all-in-one service where we can both value property and if you desire, help you acquire more.

Company Accounts

Preparing and submitting your company's annual statutory accounts to Companies House is a detailed and compulsory process. Included in these accounts is the value of everything your company owns, owes and is owed, which obviously includes the value of your commercial property. This is where our accurate property valuation service is both easy and essential.


Divorces are a very difficult subject, particularly when you're in the middle of one. Many individuals are happy to agree on the split of marital property themselves, but sometimes this can't be achieved and requires more attention. Part of this process requires a professional property valuation to ensure that shared possessions are divided fairly. In this difficult scenario, Barker Storey Matthews can offer the discreet and professional service you need.


During a probate, the last will and testament of a deceased individual are legally confirmed and implemented. In some scenarios, this can mean the splitting of the estate, including any property. In this situation, an accurate property valuation is essential to fulfilling the desires of the departed.


Removing or selling real estate or property is known as disposal. When disposing of an investment property, particularly if it was bought many years ago, as part of a joint-venture or after it has been inherited, the monetary gain must be declared in the seller's tax returns. This is because the money drawn from the property is subject to capital gain tax. In order for that capital gain tax to be correct, an up-to-date valuation of the property must be completed. This is exactly when our property valuation service becomes invaluable.

Loan Purposes

Many different types of loan are secured against property. In order for these loans to be successful and confirmed, an accurate property valuation is essential. This is where our team can help.

Our experienced surveyors provide valuations for an extensive range of commercial property types including industrial units, office buildings, retail premises, land, investments and residential property. Regardless of your needs, our service can cater for you.


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