The publication of latest Sunday Times Tech Track 100 couldn’t be more timely, according to Ben Green who heads up the Eddisons incorporating Barker Storey Matthews agency team in the city.

It’s the 20th anniversary of The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 listing this year and its publication last Sunday (06 September) is as welcome as it is timely if you ask any commercial property agent in Cambridge.

No fewer than five technology companies whose headquarters are registered in Cambridge are featured. Their ranking sees them in places #36, #40, #43, #58 and #87.

Their spheres of technological excellence range across the piece from analytical software, solar technology, medical devices, cyber-security and biopharmaceuticals.

Setting aside the obvious shared Cambridge connection, all but one are described as having an association, to a lesser or greater degree, in the most pressing business of our time: the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The exception being the cyber-security developer (ranked #58 in the listing) who, among other matters, is tackling hacking from foreign, sovereign nations - an equally pressing business of concern to public and private organisations alike, as well as private citizens.

Another pharmaceuticals company was designated in the listing as in the top ten of ‘Ones to Watch’, it being a company poised for accelerated growth in the coming twelve months.

Look at Cambridge job vacancies over the summer and this autumn and it is the technology and the pharmaceutical companies who are dominating the non-University professional recruitment websites such as The Cambridge Network’s Recruitment Gateway.

For those of us with business interests in Cambridge, the presence of these companies here and the fact they are on recruitment drives bring a welcome fillip.

Not only do we take pride in the city’s association with them and their efforts in combatting some of the most important threats to our way of life, but they also send a clear signal that the technology show must go on in the city.

Lockdown and its phases of release have been no bar to their business.

These companies - and those satellite businesses who support and service them - all have property requirements.

There is still churn in the market.

Laboratory and R&D requirements are ongoing. Albeit, the more office-based businesses in Cambridge may be adjusting their requirements - but they still have requirements.

Technology and pharmaceutical companies are the big hitters in the Cambridge area and are driving the fortunes of the property market in the city and surrounding areas which, we are pleased to report, remains resilient as we head towards the final quarter of this extraordinary year.

For more information about laboratory, R&D and office availability in Cambridge, contact Ben Green, tel 01223 467155,