Steve Hawkins, Managing Director, Barker Storey Matthews, said, "That the General Election is over has cleared away at least one uncertainty and that will come as relief to those who put off property decisions during the seven weeks of the campaign. 

"Yet many uncertainties remain when it comes to the big issues facing the incoming administration.

"Whatever the make-up of the new administration, it will need to reconcile its differences as swiftly as possible in the national interest in order to pursue the impending BREXIT negotiations from as strong a position as it can.

"Away from the power play of international politics, there are a number of property matters that we would like to see the new government address through the corridors of Whitehall in acknowledging the importance of the sector to the UK economy.

"Some are old chestnuts like the reform of the planning system - which successive administrations always pledge but fail to streamiline to anybody's satisfaction.  Other legacy issues that would help the property sector include the need for substantial infrastructure investment, as well as reconciling the skills deficit in the UK construction industry. 

"Other micro matters are more technical such as a review of the business rates regime. 

"In reconsidering the validity of such a blanket approach to assessing property values every five years, the review should include a rethink of the new 3-stage appeals process which many professional surveyors feel are a deterrent to challenges from small businesses who now face additional costs and possible penalties in making an appeal."